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About Us

Johnnie Foxs has been a favourite local pub since 2004.  Family owned and operated, Johnnies is the most authentic Irish pub in the city.  Frequented by a diverse mix of loyal regulars and travellers from all corners of the globe, Johnnie Foxs is perfect for dinner and drinks with friends, or a familiar place for one to escape life's everyday grind.


The Food - With a recent revamp of the food program, Johnnies food has never been better.  Locally sourced and scratch made, Johnnies food is coming from the heart.  Family recipes from the Ireland of old, prepared and presented with the intent to impress. 


The Atmosphere - Take part or stand back and soak it in.  There is nothing quite like Johnnie Foxs when the energy peaks. Sing alongs a plenty with new friends and familiar faces all here with a common let loose and have fun.  Welcome to Johnnie Foxs..welcome home.

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